12/12/2018 ReOrg Update

Email to faculty and staff from Judith Burstyn (Department Chair)
Follow up on prototype organization chart

I am writing to follow up on yesterday’s departmental presentation of the prototype organizational chart. This prototype is a work in progress. It is by no means a final product and we invite feedback and comments. The goal is to bring an updated and near-final plan to our department meeting two months from now on February 12.

I want to provide some details about the process for providing input. Between now and February 12, we will be soliciting as much feedback as possible. We cannot provide access to the actual document; it is in a proprietary program to which only Kayla, myself and our consultant Darin Harris have access.

To offer you the opportunity to explore the chart in more detail and to give feedback, Kayla and I would like to come to meetings that you hold regularly or invite you to join open meeting times that Kayla will be scheduling.

If you hold a regular meeting during which you would like the prototype chart discussion to be held, please let Kayla know when those meetings will take place. She will work with her schedule and mine to arrange the ideal moment for us to come your meeting.

In addition, Kayla will send out a set of times when anyone is welcome to come to join a discussion of the prototype chart.

We welcome all feedback in the process of thinking through an organizational design that will serve our department for the future. The idea of change may be uncomfortable. It is important that everyone engages in the process, discusses it freely, and expresses their concerns.