1/31/2019 ReOrg Update

Email to faculty and staff from Judith Burstyn (Department Chair)
Existing organizational charts of department

As I have been talking to many of you about a possible new organizational structure of the department, I realized that it may not be entirely clear what the current structure is and how what is being proposed might be similar to and different from that current structure.

Bob McMahon created organizational charts of the department in 2016, which while not entirely up to date, are attached. There are multiple pages, each of which depicts one aspect of the department. These pages are labelled with what is depicted. These current organizational charts are also posted on our department web pages via the Intranet. On our home page, click on Intranet in the top red bar, and then look under Department Information in the grey box on the left.

Because we missed several of the open forum meetings due to the cold weather closures, we will reschedule and add some more opportunities next week. Large hard-copy editions of the proposed new organizational structures, which are a work in progress, are available in Matt’s office. Pat, Matt, Char, Kayla, Tatum or I are available to come to talk to any group who is holding a meeting and would like to learn more about these plans.