Daniels wing will re-open at 9:00 am, Wed Mar 31

Daniels wing will re-open at 9:00 am, Wed Mar 31

To occupants of Daniels wing

            Before doing any work in your fume hoods, please make sure your fume hood monitor / alarm shows proper performance.

Do not use a fume hood that does not indicate adequate airflow.  Please contact Jeff Nielsen if you notice problems.

Note:  removal of concrete slabs is still taking place inside the building using the following route:

9th floor corridor from mechanical room 9343 to the freight elevator

1st floor corridor from the freight elevator to the loading dock

Please stay out of 9th floor area north of the freight elevator and use caution in 1st floor corridor.  The lounge 9341 remains closed.

To all building occupants

Basement-level entrances / exits to Daniels along Johnson St. are open

To instructors of in-person classes

            Students may report for classes in Daniels wing and Seminar Hall

Supply air (tempered fresh air) is now being provided to floors 3-9 (Daniels) by new equipment in the tower that is fully operational at design specifications.  There is good news that removal of concrete equipment pads from floor 9 is already 50% complete.

The entire construction team has done a great job with a very complicated sequence of logistics.  Crews worked 7 days/week and stayed on schedule.  Special thanks to Jason Schrank, Superintendent, North American Mechanical, Inc (NAMI) for outstanding work in planning and executing this complex operation.