4/8 – multiple construction activities with widespread department impact


Apr 8               all wings of chemistry complex – outage of process cooling water loop from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm 

Provides cooling water for lasers, vacuum pumps, air conditioners, etc.

Maintenance repair of bearings in one pump.  Will also install bypass valves to mitigate the need for future shutdowns.

This outage will not affect your group if you do not have equipment connected to the process cooling water system.

You will be notified when the cooling water system is back in operation.

Shain and Daniels wings will remain open on this day

Apr 8               Mathews wing – extensive work on all electrical systems

Impacts to the entire department

NMR facility will be closed

Liquid nitrogen facility will be closed

Solvent storage room will be inaccessible

Gas cylinder room will be inaccessible

Loading dock will be inaccessible

Impacts to occupants of Daniels wing

Enter building through basement entrances along Johnson St. (do not enter at Shain tower and cross through Mathews)

Fire doors at Mathews / Daniels elevator lobbies will be closed

Do not use the Mathews stair towers (except in emergency)

Impacts to occupants of Mathews wing

Mathews wing will be closed to all occupants

Plans are in place for groups with critical samples or materials stored in -80 freezers

6:00 am – 12:00  n      power outage of all 110v / 208v circuits in the Mathews wing

12:00 n                        power restored to all floors EXCEPT floor 2

6:00 pm                       power restored to floor 2

This information supersedes any approvals regarding building access that you may request or receive via the Marauder map.