Confirming Mathews wing shutdown

Confirming – closure of Mathews wing – Apr 14-30

Apr 14-30       Mathews – closed to all occupants (switchover to new exhaust system)

stay out, do not use Mathews elevator or stair; keep all doors closed

  1. Occupants of Mathews wing must vacate the building by Tue Apr 13, 9:00 pm
  2. Construction teams will be working extended hours; daily schedule will depend on progress, etc
    1. 5:00 am – 10:00 pm
    2. 7 days per week
  3. Electrical power to remain on; process chilled water to remain on
  4. Construction work is not occurring in the labs
    1. Aisles, benchtops, and window sills in labs need to be clear, but it is not necessary cover equipment with tarps
    2. Construction workers and university staff may need to enter any room to monitor a variety of parameters
    3. Construction teams are authorized to access any portion of the building at any time
    4. Mathews elevator is reserved for construction team

Daniels occupants

  1. Enter building through basement entrances along Johnson St. (do not enter at Shain tower and cross through Mathews)
  2. Elevators:  to call ONLY the Daniels elevators without calling the Mathews elevator, press the ‘up’ call button for floors 7,8,9, regardless of which direction you are traveling.  Once you are inside the elevator cab, select the appropriate floor.  Do not use the Mathews elevator, which is reserved for the construction team.  Do not cross between Daniels and Mathews just to use the elevator.
  3. Keep the new fire doors at Mathews / Daniels elevator lobby CLOSED.  Do not use the Mathews stair towers (except in emergency)

Thank you for your cooperation!

Facilities Committee