Communications overview

What department communications can do for you.

We’re here for your communications needs.

Let us know if you need help with anything related to internal or external communications and visibility for the Department of Chemistry.

  • Promotion – writing news stories and releases; brainstorming ideas for programs, digital signage needs
  • Design – branded templates for presentations, design element assets (logos, colors, fonts) 
  • Photography – As you may be aware, we are WOEFULLY short on photos of our department. If you have photos you’d like to share of things happening in the Department of Chemistry, please send them to We will happily include photo credits of any published photos. Also, if you would like photos of your students, labs, or events please connect with us and we can set up a time.
  • Website – Right now, our number one priority is having our website functional, up-to-date, and presenting relevant content. With your help, we’d like to work methodically towards this goal. The more eyes we have on this, the faster we can improve our site. Please let us know the problems you see, pages you need access to, and content that is outdated or incorrect. If you edit your own pages, we’ll support you with proofing and troubleshooting.
We’re here to help you share your successes.

There are some truly amazing discoveries happening in our buildings and we simply can’t keep all this great stuff to ourselves.
  • Social media – You might have noticed that our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels have been resurrected and are now actively pushing out information about chemistry, our department, and what we mean when we say “You can’t stop a Badger.” Feel free to reshare and retweet as you see fit. The more you share, the better. 
  • Traditional media – Additionally, we’re connecting with the L&S and campus comms teams to tell our stories at the regional and national levels. We will also be using our website to share current news. While some of your discoveries are proprietary, and much of the work you are doing requires a deep understanding of chemistry, we’re hoping you can help us share the news of your research, your latest successes, and the most exciting thing happening in your lab right now. I honestly feel it’s how we’ll show the world the caliber of the program we offer here.  
  • Internal communications – Do you have ideas for our display cases and digital displays? Let me know your thoughts!

Here’s where you come in.

For us to share our amazing stories, we first need to understand. We’ll use the following to push out social media content and as a base for bigger stories.

Please send to One short conversational paragraph (50-100 words) explaining what’s happening in your lab/program/area. Keep in mind, this is for a broader audience and should be written in the easiest, layman’s terms available. What should we know about your work? What are the impacts? What is the practical application?

Connect with communications:

Kimberly Hazen
Marketing and Communications Manager
Shain Chemistry Research Tower
Room 1124
O: 608.262.9189
C: 608.444.6898 or (general mailbox)