Email Lists & Text Alerts

Sign up for Emergency Texts

The Department of Chemistry alert system shares critical information about building evacuations and access. Make sure your cell phone is properly entered.

  1. At the bottom of your people page on, click on LOGIN.
  2. Use your Chemistry User Name and Password (not NetID).
  3. When you log in, you will be taken to your information page. Click on EDIT.
  4. Enter your cell number in the box labeled CELL PHONE. This will only be used for emergency notification.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE.
  6. At the top right corner of the page click LOG OUT.

You can also sign up for the University’s WISC Alerts, which are now available in multiple languages! More >>

Department Email Lists

To contact any of the following groups within the Department of Chemistry, please request the list address from comphelp. These lists are only to be used for official business purposes and by those people who are members of the department. For security reasons, the list address is not included below. More, much less common, mailing lists are also available by working with comphelp.

Mailing lists – google-groups |

Most Commonly Used Lists

  • All People in the Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Chemistry Academic Staff + Postdocs
  • Department of Chemistry Academic + University + postdocs
  • Department of Chemistry Academic Staff
  • Department of Chemistry Affiliated Professors
  • Department of Chemistry Associate Faculty
  • Department of Chemistry Emeritus Faculty
  • Department of Chemistry Faculty
  • Department of Chemistry Graduate Students
  • Department of Chemistry Post Doctoral Students
  • Department of Chemistry University Staff
  • Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Student Researchers

Less Commonly Used Lists

  • Metal Evaporator List Serve
  • American Chemical Society
  • Analytical Faculty
  • Analytical Graduate Students
  • Bertram Group
  • Bridge Program
  • Catalysis Center Committee
  • Cathodes
  • NIH Chemistry-Biology Training Grant Trainees
  • CBIT Trainers
  • Faculty of the Bio Ph.D. Program
  • Chembio Seminars
  • Chemistry/Biology Students
  • Chembio Supergroup
  • Chemical Hygiene Officers
  • Chemistry Education Faculty
  • Chemistry Education Grad Students
  • Chemistry Education Postdocs
  • Chemistry Education Staff
  • Chemistry Education Students & Faculty
  • Chemistry Education Teachers
  • CIC Staff
  • Chemical Instrument Center list
  • Classified Staff Supervisors
  • Phoenix Cluster Information & Announcements
  • COOP Team
  • Demonstrators
  • Department of Chemistry NMR Users
  • Department of Chemistry Student Hourly Employees
  • ECS Collaboration
  • Executive Faculty
  • GPAC
  • Graduate Women in Chemistry
  • Graduate Student-Faculty Liaison Committee
  • Graduate Student-Faculty Liaison Executive Group
  • Inorganic Faculty
  • Inorganic Graduate Students
  • Instructors
  • IT Liaisons
  • Junior Faculty
  • LGBTQ in Chemistry
  • Mass Spec Users
  • Materials Faculty
  • Materials Graduate Students
  • NMR staff
  • Organic Chemistry Faculty
  • Organic Chemistry Students
  • Organic Path Meetings
  • Path Coordinators
  • Physical Chemistry Core Faculty + Affiliates
  • Physical Chemistry Core Faculty
  • Current Physical Chemistry Students
  • Partners in Giving Board
  • Partners in Giving Umbrellas
  • Prospective Chemistry Majors
  • Chemistry Safety Committee
  • Chemistry SEM Users
  • Senior Faculty
  • Supergroup
  • Sustainable Nanotechnology Group
  • Sustainable Nanotechnology Executive Committee
  • Sustainable Nanotechnology Faculty PIs
  • Sustainable Nanotechnology Students
  • Chemistry TAA
  • Chemistry TCC
  • CSN Alumni
  • Web Committee
  • Chemistry Web Site Developers Team
  • All X-Ray users