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Resources for Current Graduate Students

Graduate Program Team

Helen Blackwell

Position title: Norman C. Craig Professor of Chemistry, Associate Chair for the Graduate Program


Phone: 608.262.1503

Francisca Jofre

Position title: Graduate Program Director


Phone: 608-262-0363

Erin Grunewald

Position title: Graduate Program Coordinator


Phone: (608) 262-0215

Becca Moy

Position title: Administrative and Events Professional


Here’s how we can help you!

These tasks include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Managing rotations assignments
  • Facilitating the research group matches
  • Collecting the Minor Agreement Forms
  • Managing the thesis mentoring committee assignment process
  • Notifying and tracking students regarding TBEs, RPs, and Fourth-Year Meetings
  • Requesting Prelim and PhD warrants
  • Announcing and posting PhD defenses
  • Updating course requirements
  • Facilitating industrial recruiting and professional development opportunities on campus

The coordinator team (contacts at bottom of page) will continue to support the graduate students and postdocs with travel, reimbursements, conferences, and seminar program needs.

Graduate students and postdocs will receive administrative support from the same coordinator as their PI. Everyone in a group, no matter their path affiliation, will go to the same coordinator for administrative support. The coordinators will still act as a point person for graduate students, directing them to the Grad Office when they have grad program questions, but the graduate students should still feel just as comfortable confiding in the coordinators, even though the coordinators are no longer completing Grad Office tasks. The coordinators are still there to provide a safe space for the students.