Lab Resources

Business Services

When submitting grants or purchasing items for laboratory use, please refer to the listed guidelines and timelines.

Grant Services


Communication resources, such as business cards, photography and presentation templates, are available.

Communication Resources

How to Set Up a Lab or Research Website

There are several ways to create a website to promote your research and your team. You can work with the department’s information technology team if you’d like your website produced in Drupal, or work with the department communications specialist to create a WiscWeb site.

Useful Documents & Links

Expectations Document – Each PI is encouraged to work with graduate students, postdoctoral scientists and staff scientists to complete information for an Expectations Document. This content can help solidify timelines and milestones for lab staff. It is also useful for first-year graduate students who use it to determine which lab best suits their needs.

Hiring Best Practices – To recruit the most qualified laboratory staff, such as postdoctoral scientists and staff scientists, you may wish to post your advertisement with the university. For more information, reach out to human resource specialist Char Horsfall.

Maintenance Requests

To request a work order through FPM submit the following to Jeff Nielsen:

  • Lab/Room Number
  • Hood number (not the three digit one, the one that starts with 0047-xxx) These are located on the top right of the hood sashes.
  • Description of issue or picture of issue

All work orders MUST run through Jeff Nielsen. Please do not contact any trades personnel directly.

There are two types of work orders:

  • Maintenace Work Order – covers room temperatures (unless you have a group chiller), doors, windows, floor, walls, chairs, and desk issues.  A leak or issue in a bathroom or other common area will fall under this as well, as will repairs in teaching labs.
  • Departmental Work Order – covers any work performed in a lab or group area for research. A water leak in a lab falls under this category as well, though the department covers the cost unless the leak is from a piece of research equipment, then this is a Departmental Work Order for which the group pays.

Some trades have a long lead time for repairs – even up to weeks or a month. These usually are for departmental electrical, refrigeration and carpentry. All emergency work orders will be handled the day they are received and managed by Jeff Nielsen until the issue is secured.

Trades work from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., so submitting a request as early as possible in the day will give Jeff Nielsen the opportunity to address the issue that day if possible. If a trade is called in after 3:30 p.m. and it’s a group issue, the group is charged time- and-a-half. An after-hours call can also take a substantial amount of time to be responded to, and will not always yield a tradesperson familiar with the chemistry complex.