The Department of Chemistry has three main websites, each with a different purpose. They include: Badger Chemist News, a site with information for alumni and donors,, the main outward facing department website, and Chem Connect, our department intranet which holds content for those who work in our department. All three websites are accessible from the top right menu of the main Department of Chemistry website.

In addition to our department websites, many of our facilities (for example shops) have their own websites, as do many of the laboratories and faculty members. If you or your organization would like a website and are officially part of the department, please reach out to for information on how to get started. If you have an older site that needs to be updated, we can help with that as well. We encourage use of WiscWeb services to make sure all new sites follow accessibility and UW branding guidelines.

Here is a breakdown of places where information about you or your work may appear:

  • People Pages
    Our department directory is located here. You will see two search bars on this page. The upper right search bar, searches our entire for the name you enter. With this search, you’ll get all mentions of the person on our websites. The lower search bar (closer to the table) searches only our department directory with contact information. It’s a good idea to periodically search for your name to make sure your contact information is correct. If you find an error, please send the link to communications to correct it.
  • Cards
    If you’re on a committee or in a leadership role, you may notice that your information appears on a card on the intranet or main website. In the past, this information matched what was on the people page directory, but that is no longer the case. Check all listings of your name on the site and let us know if you find errors.
  • Lab Group Websites
    These are more robust, separate sites with multiple pages and more information about the staff in a lab. Many professors select a trusted graduate student or postdoc to help manage the content on this site. To request a lab group website or to transfer your content from an old to a new lab group website, contact our communications department.
  • Personal Websites
    If you have a personal website that contains professional information, you may request that we link to it from your people page. We encourage professional staff, undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs to create personal websites that showcase research and CV material. Please reach out if you would like advice on how to get started or how to curate content. Links to personal sites that do not focus on research, professional experience, or education may not be approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Department Websites

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How do I report a broken link?

Broken links will often land a user on this page. Please complete the form at the bottom so we may address the issue.

How to I make a change to one of the department's websites?

Please complete this form to request a change to any of our websites.

How can I add a calendar entry?

Find a link to add a calendar entry under the calendar on the main website’s home page. You may also access the form here. Please allow several days for your information to appear. If you need something added more quickly, please complete the form and follow up with an email to

How can I submit an award or update my awards listing?

Please use the this form to submit an award. We use these submissions to notify the department, write stories and update awards listings. They are also often included in our annual Badger Chemist Magazine.

How can a faculty member update their profile page?

Faculty members should use this form to request profile updates. We will periodically email all faculty to request updates, but the form may be used at any time. All instances in which this content is used – on the main website and on the intranet will be updated to show the same information.

Questions About New Website Setup

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How can I create a new website?

Website services are available for groups or people affiliated with the university. They use a UW-branded WordPress template. Email to start the process, then watch the beginners training videos while your site goes through the setup process.

I already have a website. Why should I update it or change to a new system?

Website technology improves rapidly. Those improvements ensure that digital environments are accessible and free from barriers for all members of the University community. Learn more about the university’s World Wide Web Accessibility Policy here.

I have a WiscWeb site, but need help understanding how to use it.

Please view the beginner videos here. You may also learn more about WiscWeb’s training and help resources here.