Steve Wittenberger

Credentials: Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Phone: 847.274.9877

Steve Wittenberger

Dr. Steve Wittenberger is currently Senior Vice President of Process & Development at 1200 Pharma, LLC an oncology drug discovery and clinical development start-up in Pasadena, CA. Previously, he was a distinguished research fellow and senior director of organic chemistry in the Process R&D organization at AbbVie. While at AbbVie, he worked in both process chemistry and medicinal chemistry.

Wittenberger joined Abbott Laboratories in 1989 following a post-doctoral appointment at the University of Texas South- western Medical Center in Dallas, where he worked with Professor J. R. Falck. He earned a doctorate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the supervision of Professor Edwin Vedejs in 1988 and received a bachelor’s in chemistry at the University of Texas-Austin in 1983.

Wittenberger has extensive experience in Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) aspects of drug development and particular expertise in the development of synthetic chemistry to enable preparation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredi- ent (API) for preclinical and clinical use. He is an author on more than 30 scientific publications and inventor on 22 issued U.S. patents.