Who Can Help?

Business Services

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Expense Reimbursement

  • Whom do I contact with reimbursement questions?
  • Where can I learn about GET and E-Reimbursement?
  • How can I set up an alternate who may submit reimbursements on my behalf?
  • What are the general department meal reimbursement guidelines?

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Grants Administration

  • Whom do I contact with grant-related questions?
  • What’s the difference between pre-award administration and post-award administration?
  • How do we handle gifts and special funds established by donors?
  • Where can I find university-wide Research and Sponsored Programs resources?

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  • Whom do I contact with purchasing questions?
  • How do I order items?
  • What are the general guidelines for purchasing?
  • What are the vendors with whom we cannot do business?
  • Where can I find resources for checking prices?
  • When can I use the Department In-Store Purchasing Card or the Department Event Purchasing Card? What do I need to submit when I use them?

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  • Who can help me with travel arrangements, travel reimbursements, and travel policies?
  • How do I book a hotel?
  • How do I book a flight?
  • What meal and incidental expenses are reimbursable?
  • How can I calculate a per diem for my destination city?
  • What receipts and documentation do I need to keep?
  • What travel expenses are not reimbursable?

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Room Reservations and Course Evaluations

Erynn Zweifel (ezweifel@wisc.edu), especially requests related to courses and/or those requiring general assignment classrooms. In the future, Sarina will serve as back-up, once she has had a chance to learn the system.

Erynn is also responsible for administering course evaluations.

McBurney Testing Accommodations and Undergraduate Chemistry Scholarships

Sarina Strnad (snstrnad@wisc.edu) will be managing the McBurney testing accommodations. If you would like the Undergraduate Office to assist with your testing accommodations, please send Sarina your Faculty Notification Letters.

Sarina will also be managing the undergraduate chemistry scholarships application process.


Cheri Barta (cheri.barta@wisc.edu) is the go-to person for anything related to undergraduate research.


Chemistry advising related questions can be directed to Katie McCullough (klmuccullough@wisc.edu)

Class Enrollment & Waitlists

Questions regarding enrollment or waitlists can be directed to undergrad@chem.wisc.edu. Both Erynn and Sarina monitor this service account, and one of them will either respond or forward the inquiry to the appropriate person.

Other FAQ

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Lost and Found

The Lost and Found for the Chemistry building is located in the Undergrad Office, Room 1328.