ChemManager+ Inventory System Implementation

UW–Madison is now requiring the use of ChemManager+ (CM+), a chemical inventory module for ShopUW+. ChemManager+ should be used for the purchasing and inventory tracking of all chemicals in the department.

If you purchase or track chemicals in the Department of Chemistry, keep reading. This is an important change. 

Labs have always been required to maintain a chemical inventory and provide safety data sheets to lab staff. ChemManager+ is a campus-supported tool that automates and simplifies these tasks.

ChemManager+ is a punch out so users should add chemicals items to their cart in CM+, which will get sent back to their SUW+ cart. Rather than use the supplier-specific punch-outs.

Purchasing Lab:

  • Purchase chemicals through CM+. You may only purchase chemicals outside of CM+ when not available inside of CM+.
  • Chemicals not purchased through CM+: Purchasing lab will need to enter chemical information into CM+ if it is purchased outside of CM+
  • Attach barcodes to the new inventory for ease of counting inventory.
  • Assign containers to a specific location. The purchasing lab will be responsible for updating room numbers for all chemicals
  • Update your inventory if a container is permanently moved or disposed of.
  • Shipping Charges emolecules, a vendor in ChemManger+ charges extra for shipping and handling. Campus is working with the vendor to reduce these charges. In the meantime, we recommend bulking purchases together when possible.

Shipping & Receiving:

  • Receiving staff: Receiving staff will log chemicals purchased through CM+.
  • Bar codes: will be provided for chemicals that have been logged in.

Gas Cylinders:

  • Gas cylinders will need to be purchased through CM+: Inventory of all cylinders will be managed through CM+

As this is a continuation of our pilot program, this is our first time deploying to a large group. There may be bumps along the way, and we’re working to learn as much as possible about the process and the platform to improve. You may have noticed that as part of our effort to streamline the inventory process and save you time, CM+ is being incorporated into both loading dock and storeroom processes. Please be patient as we iron out the details to better support our teaching and research activities.